Aïcha and Geraldine from CISM radio have tested the electric unicycle!

Aïcha and Géraldine for Tribulations Urbaines show (CISM)

CISM opens a new section for the 2019 school year: Urban tribulations. During the year, Aïcha and Géraldine decided to test so-called unusual activities. For its first time, the CISM team came to test EUC or well most known Electric unicycle during one of our Thursday evening initiations. No electric scooter on the menu, it is the euc or the electric monowheel that is in the spotlight! 

I leave you to the care of our two journalists who will tell you better than us about their test of the electric unicycle. 

For the occasion, Laura, Carl and Guillaume, all active wheelers in Montreal, gave their opinions on a unique means of transport.

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