Electric Unicycles : Do not fall down

Over speed ignored

Electric unicycles have alarms which make sounds when you reach the top speed. Over speed after ignoring three beeps may be very dangerous. Pedals may rise but if you're still ignoring it, you risk falling down. 

Rely on low battery

Lower battery, as the amount needed to balance the gyro are limited based what’s left. If you over use it by speeding at Low battery...cut off ensue

Motherboard burn out

Uphill burn out, when going uphill constantly may heat up the motherboard somehow...especially stuck in a pothole previously...then mosfet blows for certain Brand’s euc.

Abused usage

Abused usage, euc is usually ok for normal riding but many use it like stunt toys, dropping it multiple times a day may damage the battery, the motherboard, pedals, shaft & etc over time and one day it will damage your body.

Water damage

Water damage, it is splash proof not totally water proof. The motherboard usually positioned near the TOP of the euc like King song, some on the sides... crossing puddle of water should be ok but falling and submerses whole euc sideways is totally damaging it especially salt water.

Maintain his electric unicycle

DIY MAINTENANCE- these are a boo boo, if you don’t know what you are doing... don’t blame the euc for hurting you.