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Inmotion V8

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delivery in 30 working days
Motor power
Wheel size
16" x 1.975"
28.6 lbs / 13 kg
Max speed
30 km/h
260 lbs / 120 kg
35 km real


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It is the most popular electric wheel for city dwellers. The best seller at Noaio. A must have. This electric unicycle has never disappointed. Since its release in 2017, it has certainly been the most successful in democratizing the practice. We'll try to explain why.

Characteristic Value
Battery 6.4 Ah, 480 Wh
Charging time 4 hours
Color Black
Distance between footboard and ground 5.9 in / 15 cm
IP rating IP55
Max speed 30 km/h
Mileage 35 km real
Motor power 800W
Payload 260 lbs / 120 kg
Weight 28.6 lbs / 13 kg
Wheel size 16" x 1.975"
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Ma première roue - génialle !
J'ai fait l'acquisition de la InMotion V8 en juin 2019 et il ne s'est pas passé un seul jour de beau temps sans que je trouve un prétexte pour l'utiliser :D Super service de la part de Noaio qui m'ont patiemment fait essayer le modèle que je voulais et pris le temps de m'en expliquer l'utilisation pendant une bonne heure, sans aucune obligation d'achat. Du service comme on l'aime ! Je recommande chaudement !
Tout simplement parfaite pour moi
Tout est dans le titre! Je possède la V8 depuis 9 mois, je suis à 1700km au compteur. Je fais 200 livres pour une taille de 6"4 et j'ai une autonomie de 30km réel lorsque je roule à fond, c'est à dire 30km/heure. Aucun problème mécanique ou électronique. La V8 est super ! Je la recommande pour des trajets réguliers citadins.
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Design and built quality

First of all, Inmotion convinced its customers thanks to the design of its wheels. The V8 is no exception. It has the brand's own futuristic design. Black, with customizable leds visible through a slightly transparent shell, it allows a refreshing flashy touch. With its shiny shell, there is no lack of taste. We  regret that the wheel easily gets dusty and that scratches are easily made. Beginner? Feel free to shop for the protective cover for your very first practice days.

No screws are visible and with our experience on this product, we can tell you that it is solid! Our initiation model provides a real testimonial.

Engine, power and range

It is a relatively powerful wheel with its 800W motor. It is capable of transporting you up to 30kmh over a distance of 30 to 40km on average (depending on your weight, your speed, the road, the wind, etc.). At maximum speed, the 480Wh battery tends to drain quickly: we regret that the model is not available in several battery versions. When you ride an electric unicycle, you don't want to be limited.  

Ergonomy and comfort

Integrated trolley that allows easy transport, Bluetooth application to follow your routes, circuit breaker that allows you to wear the unicycle without turning it off, the V8 is the queen of cities. With its 13kg, it is easy to consider it easily in small trips of a few kilometers: taking it during a shop, a bar or at a friend's house is child's play.

Very handy, with the advantage of the stability of a 16" wheel, it is really suitable for everyone. It inherits the small rounded pedals of the Inmotion V5 that can cause feet to suffer on long journeys and it does not have the side pads that are also a real relief on long distances. 

Our opinion

  • Good price for 16"
  • Handy and reliable
  • 13kg... so compact!
  • Integrated trolley
  • Highly efficient circuit breaker 
  • But...
  • No side cushions
  • No rear light
  • Pedals could be larger for more comfort
  • Quickly dirt

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Delivery from 4 to 30 working days
delivery in 30 working days
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