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Inmotion V5F

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Motor power
Wheel size
14" x 2.125"
11.9 lbs / 26.2 kg
Max speed
25 km/h
30 km
260 lbs / 120 kg


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First prize of the Inmotion brand, the V5F is a complete model. This 14" wheel is ideal for beginners, a model for city dwellers among the most popular.

Characteristic Value
Battery 4.4 Ah, 320 Wh
Charging time 3.5 hours
Color Black
Distance between footboard and ground 4.5 in / 11.5cm
IP rating IP55
Max speed 25 km/h
Mileage 30 km
Motor power 550W
Payload 260 lbs / 120 kg
Weight 11.9 lbs / 26.2 kg
Wheel size 14" x 2.125"
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Super première roue mais pédales à améliorer !
C'est une V5F et moi j'ai une V5F+ donc pour l'autonomie je ne sais pas trop. Mais le design est beau. Elle a pas de leds comme les V8 ou V10 mais elle a des faisceaux bleus à l'avant et des phares arrières plus beaux. C'est une roue pour magaziner facilement, faire du freestyle, se déplacer chez des amis rapidement. Elle a un pneu assez large (j'ai comparé avec une V8 le pneu est plus large: 2.125 contre 1.95) donc ca lui confère quand même une certaine stabilité. Ma blonde a la même. Faut pas être trop grand parce qu'elle est vraiment petite en taille. C'est une super roue mais sa limite de vitesse à 25km/h fait que j'ai changé une deuxième roue maintenant pour partir en gang ou aller à la job qui est quand même à quelques kilomètres. Les pédales sont pas très grandes (je fais du 9.5 malgré ma taille de 5.6pi) c'est pour les pédales que j'enlève une étoile.
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Design and built quality

Black, with a glossy plastic shell, lateral pads of the finest effect, blue light beams at the front, the V5F or Solowheel Glide 2 looks very good. It is supplied with the exterior trolley that is also found on the Inmotion V10. It has proven its worth since the first version of the V5 released in 2015. The whole is robust, of high quality, without any visible screws. It's sober and efficient.

Engine, power and range

With its 550W engine, the V5F can go up to 25 kilometres per hour. Its 360Wh battery allows you to travel between 20 and 30 km per charge depending on your weight, route, wind, and usage. 

Ergonomics and comfort

The Inmotion mobile application allows you to follow your route information as closely as possible: journey, battery, energy spent and even a part dedicated to the community (where are the wheelers close to you?). The large side pads allow you to ride comfortably, the trolley is efficient and it is proven since 2015, even if in a fall it tends to open. The pedals, like the V8's, are a little small for our taste, but they are very effecient. We haven't talked about it yet, but the V5 also has the top battery indicator like all other Inmotion products. It is very beautiful and very practical to know without connecting via an application where you are in terms of battery. 

If you are more than 6 feet tall, it may be a wheel you should avoid: it goes down very low, which will not be the most comfortable for your calves.

Our opinion

  • Cheap
  • Lightweight !
  • Mechanical circuit breaker
  • Front and rear headlights
  • Comfortable
  • But...
  • Not suitable for tall people (>6ft)
  • No multimedia features

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Delivery in 4 working days
Delivery from 4 to 30 working days
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