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The beast, the KingSong KS16X

KingSong releases its new 16" wheel with splendid lines, with remarkable power for a wheel of very restrained dimensions.

We are already offering it so that you can be sure to take advantage of this war machine in Quebec too!

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Last news

Wednesday 29 January 2020

New firmware upgrade for KS18L, 18LH and 16S

Monday 23 September 2019

Pay for your electric scooter or electric unicycle 2 to 3 times free of charge

It is now possible to pay for your electric scooter or electric monorail in 2 or 3 times without charge. This offer, unique in Quebec, allows you to access this new mobility with greater peace of mind!
Friday 13 September 2019
Electric Unicycles

Aïcha and Geraldine from CISM radio have tested the electric unicycle!

For many, the opportunity to test a electric unicycle does not come up every day. It is an activity that today can still be seen as unusual. That is why Aïcha and Géraldine from CISM decided to test it
Wednesday 11 September 2019

Discount on Inmotion V10F, KingSong KS18L and Noaio N1 / N1+

Profite jusqu'au 15 septembre inclu de rabais sur 4 modèles différents disponibles en magasin ! Inmotion V10F, KingSong KS18L et Noaio N1 / N1+ de -100 à -200$ sur ces produits !

Paying in installments is possible!

It is now possible to pay for your electric transport in several installments in our shop!

Depending on the amount to be paid, you can now pay 2 to 3 times free of charge for your gyroroues or electric scooters. 

Unique financing offer in Quebec. 

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Your online store in Quebec

The Noaio store is an online store created by two people who are passionate about new electric mobility. We are located in Montreal and we offer a service that is still too rare in Quebec: we import electric passenger vehicles (particularly gyroroues and scooters), which we offer you. We also provide services such as repairs and maintenance of your vehicles.

Our experience in new computer, electronic and mechanical technologies allows us to support and follow our customers throughout the life of their products. In a transparent way, we present you products that we believe are of good quality to avoid any disappointment. 

Electric personal vehicles will increase in number in the coming years. Trust our expertise with our local service.

Your online store in Quebec

The electric wheel, what's the interest?

The electric wheel, what's the interest?

The most fun way to get around every day that offers a great feeling of freedom.

Our customers tell us: "Since we've tasted it, we can't do without it. We all fell in love."

Riding in the city for nearly 25 miles gives the impression of going skiing on a daily basis. It may be cliché but trying it is adopting it!

Nearly 50% of people work within 3,1 miles of their homes. The wheel allows you to easily make several trips from your condo to your job. For the environment, although there is a battery, it is always better to use an electric personal vehicle than to take your car alone. Moreover, isn't it better to start your day cheerfully than to be a traffic cop?