About us

Why Noaio?

Noaio comes from the French word Noyau which means core, heart: we are in a period of turmoil where mobility has become an issue in the world. We wish to participate in the change of habits and customs and we believe that electric mobility, via the electric scooter or the electric unicycle, is one of the solutions that must be considered for the future. We wanted to be at the heart of this change, that's why we chose this name. In 2019, in our cities, do we still need cars when 90% of your journeys can be made by less carbon-intensive means?

Who are we?

Currently based in Montreal, Quebec, we are two long-time friends. We are users of electric unicyle and electric scooters ourselves for a long time, we have chosen the best models on the market for all types of wheels and scooters. We are convinced users of micro-mobility before becoming resellers, which is why we can advise you in the best way. We went through the same questions. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can answer your questions.

What makes us different from other resellers?

  • Very good knowledge of our products
  • Passionate about electric scooters and gyroroues
  • Advice, customer service, we are available 24x7
  • Electronic and mechanical skills to solve your problem
  • Free delivery in Quebec

Why to choose Noaio ?


Every vehicle is precious. We take care of our packaging and delivery. Just open the door, unpack your vehicle and enjoy your new freedom! Any problems ? Do not hesitate to contact us


Feel free to contact us by email, message, call or facebook. Our main mission is to satisfy you and guide you in this new mode of travel. Our promise: to answer you within the day!


We are not just resellers. We are experts: we have the skills to guide you to a model or brand according to your needs, to make and advise you on adjustments and finally to solve any technical problems you may encounter during the life of your vehicle.