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Inmotion V10

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Motor power
45.4 lbs / 20.6 kg
Wheel size
16" x 2.5"
Max speed
40 km/h
50 km real
260 lbs / 120 kg


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In 2018, Inmotion is launching into the high-end wheels. With an entry price of $1700 they came out and hit the competition hard. The Inmotion V10 and its big sister the V10F have big arguments.

For V10, the red border visible on the photos is grey.

Characteristic Value
Battery 8.8 Ah, 650 Wh
Charging time 6 hours
Color Black
Distance between footboard and ground 6.77 in / 17.7 cm
IP rating IP55
Max speed 40 km/h
Mileage 50 km real
Motor power 1800W
Payload 260 lbs / 120 kg
Weight 45.4 lbs / 20.6 kg
Wheel size 16" x 2.5"
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Super satisfait !!
J'ai acheté la v10 le mois passé et je dois dire qu'elle va à merveille je ne peux plus m'en passer. En plus d'un service remarquable ils ont pris le temps de répondre à toutes mes questions que ce soit par texto ou au téléphone et même après achat. Je conseille cette roue à tous les passionnés!
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Design and built quality

A huge V5F with a 16" doped tire. That is what we could say about this V10 at first glance. With the same temperament as its predecessors, it is a wheel that keeps the imprint of the brand: really pretty leds to see, a battery indicator that is fun and practical, a black shell in shiny plastic. Nothing was left to chance. It's almost perfect except the trolley which for some is breaking the line of the wheel. It's a matter of taste, in short.

Engine, power and range

1800W motor for the V10, 2000W for the V10F, bringing the electric monorail to a maximum speed of 40km/h. For the actual distance covered, we approach 50km for the V10 against 70 for the V10F. Indeed, we go from a battery of 650 to 960Wh between the two models.

Ergonomics and comfort

The Inmotion mobile application is quite good. In any case it is certainly the best between KingSong Gotway and Inmotion. We connect to the wheel to have all the relevant information on its routes. As we said earlier, the euc has the famous Inmotion battery indicator: we know at any moment the remaining battery without opening the application and without stopping. The wheel has both a front and a rear headlight (the rear headlight had been forgotten on the V8). The headlight is really functional, you can see well no matter how dark it is. The trolley is practical and it's great on a wheel of this weight (the baby still weighs 21kg!). The wheel also makes Bluetooth speakers for the most musical of us. We love the big pedals, the rubber grip is very comfortable but still less effective than a traditional grip. We also find the side pads on the V5 and it's worth gold over long distances. It is very pleasant.  

Our opinion

  • Attractive price for a wheel of this quality
  • A nice looking machine with a nice LED effect (customizable!)
  • Mechanical circuit breaker
  • Battery indicator
  • Wide pedals and comfortable grip 
  • Bu...
  • not as effective than a regular grip
  • unfortunately limited to 40km/h top speed

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Delivery in 4 working days
Delivery from 4 to 30 working days
delivery in 30 working days
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